iPhone 5s iOS 9.3.2 JailBreak Question



After an long search just go an second hand iphone5s
iOS ver is 9.3.2 (13F69)

I have not yet Jailbroken it.

Now just wanted to know what precaution i should take so that i don’t loose the JailBreak once i do it.

Step what i think appropriate is below.

  1. Make an Full Backup so that i can restore it back.
  2. JailBreak it with pangu

My main question suppose if anything goes wrong with JB will i be able to restore it from backup the same iOS ver 9.3.2 or iTune will first upgrade the iOS & then will restore it?

I don’t have any experience with this models.

Also let me know just in case any other things that i need to take care.



Upgrade. As 932 has stopped signing



Thanks NavilleZhang for your feedback.

Upgarade it shows me iOS 10 on the iphone5s + there is no JB for it.
For the time being the phone is useless for me.

Regards, NickIN


my reply is about this.

You were on 9.3.2 which makes I believe you have tried JB already.

If it doesn;t work then you dont have other choices anyway


Hi, NavilleZhang

Thank you for your feedback.

Just JB it. Only need to take care not to install any tweak which would force me to use iTune to restore else it sould work hopefully.

64bit fun begins :slight_smile:

Cheers, NickIN


Just fu*up 9.3.2 JB while starting phone the cabel was connected & iTune took over & now stuck in iTune.
Damit stupidity on my part. Wasted 9.3.2 now.


find NvwaStone_1.1.ipa , you can install it with impactor, do jailbreaking, and jailbreak without turn off “Find My Phone” is work…


Thanks but now I’m on iOS 10.1.1 & have JB it with yalu beta 7. Not able to SSH via USB also r2 does not seems to work. All my study has stopped from long time because of no JB for me.

hope to start the study back when JB works on iPhone 5s iOS 10.1.1 till then just waiting.


it’s work using yalu102, keep trying… i have same issues on my ipad air 2 :grin: