Write a phone call recorder on iOS 8 step by step


hi @fewjative
Could you post the successfully code source code so i could test here?
So i directly load it on compiler


The code created by snakeninny is the code I used, without changes. What issue are you having?


Anyone has test the code on latest ios 9.0 or 9.0.2? Any working solution for this latest ios version?


With the Code, The call is not normal, call there is noise,anyone give me a hand ?


hi! I have a same problem to you. That is the result always 28byte, and it can’t play. Do you solve this question? Thank you


you should remove result file before run because it does not override, you can use NSLog to easy debug, i succeeded on iphone 5s, 6 ios 8.3 and 9.0.2


请教一下 如果是一个VOIP的APP,能用其中的方法进行录音吗? 谢谢!


大神 我想请问下 我可以正常运行 但是我想在app去访问这个录音路径 但是访问不到 后来我改了下路径想把他写到沙盒里 为什么找到呢




ayy lmao


简单点说 就是正向开发时去访问这个系统文件


我在ios8.3, iPhone6上测试的,打电话只能录到对方的声音,MIC没有声音。请问有遇到过吗?怎么解决呢?