Do you have any cydia tweak idea I can work on?


Hi !

I’ve some time to spend and since reverse engineering is my new passion I’d be happy to write and distribution a tweak on Cydia. The only problem is that I don’t have any idea or inspiration.

Do you have any problem / things you would like to see solved / implemented ?




Is possible to upgrade to iOS 10.3.1 whit g0blin jb the tweak SMsninja… is so useful…please let me know if i can help test in some ways.

Thanks in advance homer duff


Hey homer duff !
This tweak is very interesting!
If I understand, SMS ninja is not working for iOS 10.3.1 jailbroken with g0blin phones ?

I’ll try to figure this out on next week and let you know my progression.




I’m the developer of SMSNinja as well the maintainer of this forum. It’s interesting to see users from my 2 separate products meet each other :love_you_gesture:

@babbu @homerduff2


I applicate you contribute i want to be honest…this tweak is the only really interesting for me. I mean, lovely the themes and all the other stuff, but your app was the only the means to work outside the rules… if i can help you in some ways feel free to ask!!! But please upgrade the app working on the jb on 10.3.1…in this way my marriage can be still happy :slight_smile:



Babu i have not so experience in programming but i try to do… let’s share! i’m here to try!!!

get out from rules…is the best way to feel free…